1. Alt-Folk Troubadours CINDY EMCH & MIKE FELTEN Announce Tour (Aug 3-12)

    June 17, 2017 by 1888media

    Twang-fueled Oakland indie rocker Cindy Emch and Chicago blues/folk troubadour Mike Felten have announced a 7-state Midwest tour, running August …
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  2. ROB MORROW BAND To Play EYES TO THE SKIES Festival in Chicago (July 2)

    June 16, 2017 by 1888media

    The Rob Morrow Band, featuring singer/ guitarist Rob Morrow, are set to play the Eyes To The Skies Festival in Lisle, …
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  3. PHAT PHUNKTION: Isthmus Review + ‘Funk Out Cancer’ Concert (Nov. 4)

    June 10, 2017 by 1888media

    Isthmus, Madison’s alternative weekly, regaled hometown funksters Phat Phunktion with a phantastic pheature in this week’s issue. Here’s an excerpt …
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  4. JENNIFER PAIGE: 90s Pop Stardom & Meeting The Pope (My Space Interview)

    June 8, 2017 by 1888media

    Gearing up for her first ever UK tour in July, acclaimed singer-songwriter Jennifer Paige chatted with My Space to discuss her latest album, Starflower, touring …
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  5. YAHOO! Music Premiere: Secret Emchy Society “Two Feet and a Dream”

    June 2, 2017 by 1888media

    Cindy Emch, the “Emchy” at the heart of “The Secret Emchy Society,” writes and performs “heartbreakin’ footstompin’ old-school country music.” …
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  6. PHAT PHUNKTION Premiere “Don’t Destroy The Funk” via RELIX Magazine

    June 2, 2017 by 1888media

    9-pc funk band Phat Phunktion issued their first live album today (June 2). Available on CD, as a digital download, …
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  7. STEVE McCORMICK “The Tripping Years” Set for Release on May 19

    May 8, 2017 by 1888media

    Rooted firmly in the modern heartland, veteran singer-songwriter Steve McCormick is gearing up for the May 19 release of his new EP, The …
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  8. On July 14, Virtuoso Flutist LORI BELL Returns with “blue(s),” Her 10th Album

    May 4, 2017 by 1888media

    On July 14, virtuoso flutist, composer / arranger, and educator, Lori Bell will release blue(s), a 9-song excursion showcasing straight-ahead …
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  9. SECRET EMCHY SOCIETY Offers Mix of Gritty Americana & Rootsy Punk Rock

    April 27, 2017 by 1888media

    Cindy Emch, the “Emchy” at the heart of “The Secret Emchy Society,” writes and performs “heartbreakin’ footstompin’ old-school country music.” …
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  10. PHAT PHUNKTION To Release “Live at the High Noon” CD & Blu-ray on June 2

    April 14, 2017 by 1888media

    As a group of University of Wisconsin-Madison music students who banded together in 1996, Phat Phunktion have built a loyal following of …
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Made Of Matches


🐶☕️🌹❤️ 𗁱
On the eve of a full Moon
Center yourself in the Common Room
Face your True North
And change your course
With a wish so solemn
Your destiny will blossom
Becoming Lumos Solem.
Gaze upon this Rose in white
Focus with all your might
Tap your heels thrice
Allow your spirit to rise
State your desire, your delight
Guide your mind's eye to the light
Incant: Accio Patronum!
Alohomora, Herbivicus! (7x)
Pull the Rose to your Heart
*Silently say "Fidelius"*
Patronus magic will impart.
➰ 🌹Lorsque vos yeux me parlent c'est mon couer qui vous ecoute. Soundgarden will always be one of my favorite bands. In addition to vastly impacting me with their music and lyrics, they changed the way I approached life, changes that still inform my journey to this very day.
Outside of family members/pets, the death of Chris Cornell affected me deeper than any before. I'm still processing it. I feel so many things. More will be written but for now here are some memories:
Cornell autograph on Ace of Pentacles tarot card, which signifies manifestation of fresh energy, inspiration. It's affixed to a Knights of the Soundtable Christmas card.
Laminated publicity stills from Superunknown.
Promo + Import CDs.
Autographed Outshined single.
1. Soundgarden: Vic, Chicago 1/14/90
2. Soundgarden: Vic, Chicago 11/8/91
3. Soundgarden: Aragon, Chicago 2/13/92
4. Soundgarden: Aragon, Chicago 6/10/94
5. Soundgarden: Aragon, Chicago 6/11/94
6. Soundgarden: Palmer, Davenport 6/30/94
7. Soundgarden: Aragon, Chicago 11/9/96
8. Chris Cornell: Riviera, Chicago 11/20/99
9. Audioslave: Austin Music Hall 3/11/03
10. Chris Cornell: Orpheum, LA 12/16/11
11. Soundgarden: Fonda, LA 11/27/12
12. Temple of the Dog: Forum, LA 11/14/16
Backstage/Meet n Greet passes.
Fan club postcard.
Rest easy.