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Algunas Personas Llegan A Nuestra Vida para dejar una huella inolvidable.
Ya me has dado más de lo que nunca sabrás.
💖 🍰🍩🍬🍭🍧🍨🥐🍣🍮🍝☕️🍵
I wrote this for you exactly one year ago today (+21 minutes...wrote it at 1:35pm). Today, I’m saying it to you and saying it to myself as well.
No way to sugarcoat it. i want it all. the caramel and chocolate meringue, the double Devonshire cream, lemon curd and preserves, the pink pink fairy floss, the fresh fruit tart, the divine Jasmine tea and the sumptuous black & white éclair but also the pistachio macaron that rolled off into the corner behind the refrigerator, the apple and cinnamon cupcake crumbs that were trampled under foot, the super salty vegemite-like fig jam, the half-cracked hazelnuts, the burnt brioche and the Rooibos des Vahinés that's been fermenting since forever.
And please don't mistake this pastry infused communiqué as anything other than the succulent truth. As true as the Grand Cru at Blue Bayou is my Love for You.
💖 🦋🚀
I am the wind beneath my wings. I will keep fluttering higher and will keep fighting for that moment when the chaos finally quiets in my mind.
✨💫 🌹
The long and winding rose
That threads our hearts
And leads us home
Will always be in our bones

Whether together
Or weather alone
This is a portal
That can’t be cloned
What we feel is real
True love with the
Click of a heel
Hearts congealed
Under the light of the moon
Against a current of blue
Souls intertwined
With the strength of a lion.

Lifetimes ago
A long and winding rose
Was how I proposed
With a solemn vow
I did avow
To love you
In the here and now
For time eternal
And for each day
Moving forward
The long and winding road
Of memories adored
Carries us toward
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