The Nearly Deads Soar on Gorgeous Ballad “Wild” + New Album June 2

February 25, 2023 by 1888media

Trend-busting, genre-agnostic rockers The Nearly Deads have released “Wild,” an introspective departure that Glide Magazine christened “a symphonically theatrical winner that swoons with grace and tenderness of Adore-era Smashing Pumpkins.”

Featuring an almost Flamenco-style fingerpicked melody, and a sweeping bed of lush orchestration, the resolutely majestic daydream is the third offering from the band’s forthcoming sophomore set, ‘We Are The Nearly Deads’ (arriving June 2).

A contemplative bookend to lead-ripper “Relentless” and the scrappy punk fisticuffs of “Suffocating,” “Wild” romanticizes the depth of the human spirit.

Cuz this world is for the dreamers, 
The curious and bold 
For they’ve got something in their hearts,
Something you can’t hold
Can’t capture it on film, can’t catch it with your hands
So when you meet a stranger
May you always take the chance
And stay Wild

With each of the band members lending their creative direction for the album’s initial four singles, Texas-born rhythm guitarist Javier Garza Jr painted the frame of the song’s gorgeous landscape.

“While writing a handful of parts for the new album, trying to come up with some rock songs similar to Nirvana meets Green Day, I took a break and started fingerpicking some ideas which really resonated with TJ and Steve. Inspired, they added some additional parts and then we had violinist Nate Leath guest on the track and it’s turned into this whole production.

Listening to the finished body of work, what “Wild” means to me, is always be open and up for an adventure. And whether it’s family or friends, just knowing there’s always someone out there that cares about you more than you realize. The peak was the shooting of the music video. Being surrounded by friends and everyone working together to create something exciting was just pure magic!” said Garza Jr.

The official video for “Wild” was directed by Filipino-African American film director, screenwriter, and producer, and IMDB Film Award winner Josh Lovett, whose crisp and expressive style was coupled with artful choreography and interpretive dance from FreshTalent Group’s Bianca Rocha.

The group, which also features lead guitarist Steven Tobi, drummer Josh Perrone, and Theresa Jeane, their inimitable vocalist, rocketed to stardom with the playful-yet-powerful “Never Look Back,” and its 10-million strong zombie-filled music video. The kinetic energy of NLB provided an apt soundtrack to the exhilarating catharsis of out-running infected in The Last of Us, out-maneuvering the walking dead, both literally and figuratively.

While Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie) are on horseback in HBO’s made-for-TV survival guide, The Nearly Deads have an acclaimed Survival Guide EP to supercharge its horsepower while traversing the U.S. with the likes of In This Moment, Butcher Babies, Stitched Up Heart, and It Lives, It Breathes.

The band’s explosive live performances have led to stages at Summerfest, PrideFest and Warped Tour and shows with Halestorm, Icon For Hire, The Dead Deads, Kaleido, and The All-American Rejects, among many others.

Buoyed by the passionate support of ZombieNation, their global legion of fans, the group’s sophomore album is the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to their critically-acclaimed debut, Invisible Tonight, which the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dubbed, “A nifty mix of Paramore and Katy Perry.”

The forthcoming 10-song full-length, We Are The Nearly Deads (releasing June 2) was produced by Brian Craddock of Daughtry acclaim. With a vast array of sonic palettes and influences, Craddock, who’s also helped pen anthems for Theory of a Deadman and Timbaland, helped fine-tune the creative vision of the veteran hitmakers.

The Nearly Deads
We Are The Nearly Deads


It’s been quite an adventure. As a nod to their interpersonal journeys, the first four singles allow each member to bring their influences and style to the forefront while also sharing a teenage photo of themselves as each single’s artwork. Mohawks, lip rings, goatees and hatchet pendants adorned the first three. To give fans early access to artwork, new music and behind-the-scenes exclusives, the band launched a special ZombieNation Patreon.

In between official full-lengths, the group has continued to churn out anthemic earworms. Fan favorites include “Freakshow,” “My Evil Ways,” “Can’t Make You Change,” the frisky “Punk Rock Kitty Cat,” and last year’s Unearthed Ep which eloquently reformulated five fan favorites with a vibey ethereal panache.

“Kelly Clarkson meets the grunge genre.” – Stitched Sound

“Destined to ascend to Paramore’s vacated scene throne.” – Examiner

“Theresa Jeane asserts herself as a younger, grittier Pat Benatar. Certainly a buzz band.” – Outburn

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