“Money Changes Everything” Cyndi Lauper cover ft. Anastasia Haunt and Band Members from Warrant, Huey Lewis & The News and New Found Glory

November 23, 2022 by 1888media

Mikey and His Uke has returned for another all-star cover of a classic, this time “Money Changes Everything,” first released in 1978 by Atlanta power pop outfit The Brains but made globally famous by Cyndi Lauper when she covered the song for her 1983 breakthrough album She’s So Unusual which also included the eternal anthem “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

Mikey (Hawdon) kickstarts the video on his trademark uke before the cavalcade of all-stars join in. Money features Anastasia Grace Haunt (vocals) of The Haunt, Erik Turner (guitar) of Warrant, Ian Grushka (bass) of New Found Glory, Sean Hopper (keys) from Huey Lewis and The News, Simon Head (guitar) from Four Square / Fairmounts and Damon DeLaPaz (drums) from Los Pinche Pinches / Fenix TX / 30 Foot Fall. Mikey also rips on his electric.

Let this be your new found glory. Turn it up!

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