Sam Robbins Demos JBL EON Portable PA & 3 Series MKII Studio Monitors

September 23, 2022 by 1888media

Performer Magazine recently hooked up with Nashville singer/songwriter Sam Robbins, who just released his 2nd album, Bigger Than in Between, to have him demo the JBL EON ONE Compact portable PA system.

Over the course of 4 episodes, go behind the scenes with Sam as he sets up the speaker, walks viewers through the ins and outs, and even shows off how to control the mix through a dedicated app.

Episode 1 starts with a quick unboxing.

In Episode 2, Sam explains some of the set up options and features of the PA.

In Episode 3, Sam shows the setup process to get the EON ONE Compact up and running with his mic and guitar plus a look at the intuitive app that controls everything from your smartphone or tablet.

In Episode 4, Sam does a live acoustic rendition of “Bigger Than in Between,” the title track from his new album and wraps with his final thoughts on the JBL EON ONE Compact. In his exact words, “It’s just a great product. Love it!”

In concert with the portable PA series, Sam demos a brand-new pair of JBL 3 Series MKII studio monitors for his home studio.

During the 4 episodes, Sam goes from unboxing the speakers to showing how the JBL 3 Series helps him get the best sound from his tracking and mixing sessions.

Episode 2 takes the guess work out of hooking up the monitors. Sam shows how easy it is to add the 3 Series to a home studio setup.

In episode 3, Sam explains how to properly position the studio monitors and how to adjust settings to maximize the sound quality for your specific room needs. He even provides a sneak-preview of a new mix he’s working on.

And in the final episode of the series, Performer overlays one of Sam’s original songs (“Remind Me”) to a montage looking back at his time with the JBL 3 Series MKII studio monitors.

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