Unpinnable Butterflies ‘Sweet Loretta’ Video Premiere via GLIDE MAGAZINE

November 6, 2021 by 1888media

Unpinnable Butterflies, the freewheeling new project from composer/filmmaker Gabriel Judet-Weinshel, has introduced the world to the breathtaking visual cacophony of “Sweet Loretta” with an exclusive video premiere via Glide Magazine.

The sprawling 6-minute tune is from the recently released opus, Radio Ocean with “Sweet Loretta” beaming bright, “‘The world is good / we just mixed up the pieces.’ This rollicking country two-step begins with Adam and Eve listening to‘the war on the radio,’ practicing card tricks, and learning to speak. Cut to Godot having a drink at Balthazar (I’m thinking the iconic Soho bistro), remembering the time he tried to bring a god to Joan of Arc, but could only find ‘clothes and movie stars.’”

“The tune ends with Cassandra (Trojan priestess of Greek mythology whose auguries were never believed) and her ‘vision of a red sea’ that just makes the people ‘laugh harder and harder.’ In this cacophony of characters, we are importuned to ‘stick around / just another hour ‘till daylight.’ Indie rocker Kate Tucker shares the mic.”

Gabriel recalls making the music video, “It was an impromptu, out-of-the-back-of-a-production van sort of affair, a gallimaufry of found footage, or, in other words, the sort of meal you cook when your refrigerator has been turned asunder but there are still some good victuals to be found if you are inclined to rummage.

The bricolage began with run-and-gun 16mm footage I stole when Kate and I, as well as some other dear friends, spent a week together in the sylvan woods of Maine shooting a documentary (whose sundry subjects included sustainable boat building, beer making and drinking, tick avoiding, and goat raising). I convinced Kate to book it down main street (‘you just robbed a bank,’ I said), and then I joined her, and our buddy E.T. Feigenbaum grabbed the camera (later, Jared Watson both cinematographed and played ‘Farmer,’ and Jessie English offered art direction and joie de vivre).”

“The bricolage was made all the more bricolage-y by the addition of chalk on pavement (shot subsequently, back in Brooklyn), and fragments of tour video that my dear friend Aidan Fraser captured when he and I spindled our way up the West coast many years past, hopscotching dive bars and even more questionable establishments for the good cause of the troubadour.

The icing on top of this escapade (have I mixed too many metaphors?) are some animated paintings of mine, as well as morsels of other mystery footage from prior engagements. I had no plan, and still don’t—only a sense of the tune’s rollicking rhythm and jagged narration, and its central premise: ‘the world is good / you just mixed up the pieces.

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