THE HAUNT Unleash Twisted Dream. Video by Darren Stein (Jawbreaker)

November 11, 2020 by 1888media

On the eve of Halloween, all halos shall beam a twisted dream.

Focus on me,
And focus on the history.

Fully embodying their namesake, the new epithet from The Haunt‘s Social Intercourse transmission,“Twisted Dream” is not a metaphor, it’s a living, breathing being.

Written by vocalist Anastasia Grace, she vividly recalls its inception, “It’s an actual dream about a fleeting relationship I had my freshman year of high school. I just couldn’t get this dream out of my head. My grandfather has a beach house not far from where I live and for a while I was going over there to be by myself and write. And I kept thinking about this dream. It was probably just an anxiety dream about being 15 and trying to figure out what I wanted but it was kind of gory and disturbing, so of course I immediately thought to make it into a song.”

Forget about your twisted dream,
Where I kill you and you kill me

At the production altar was sonic shapeshifter Matt Good known for crafting dense layered soundscapes for the likes of Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead, and Sleeping with Sirens.

On Twisted, the immersive production provides an elliptical tether to the vocal, elevating the nocturnal journey with an enchanting melody soaring in-between the seams.

For the companion visual, the band linked with acclaimed film director Darren Stein (Jawbreaker, G.B.F., Sparkler) for a step into the ethereal void of phantasmagoric neo-noir, threading allusions from the 1955 classic Dementia (“Daughter of Horror”) to Clive Barker’s ‘Pinhead’ to the the eternal psychological stylings of modern masterworks, Blue Velvet and Memento.

“I was in love with the darkness of Twisted Dream from the moment I heard the song. I wanted to embrace the disturbing nature of the relationship with a literal demon set against aesthetic transitions. The eerie shot of Ana’s face behind the translucent fabric came from The Rolling Stones’ Goats Head Soup album cover. I was always drawn to that image of Mick Jagger’s sensuously androgynous face behind that gauzy fabric. I knew Vander Von Odd, the winner of Season 1 of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, from being a guest judge on the series. Her demonic creature brought the visceral horror to life and really did terrify Ana,” says Stein with Anastasia adding, “Watching her transform herself into the creature from the video was seriously one of the highlights of my life. It was a real dream come true.”

Von Odd relished his role, “To embody the raw and sometimes monstrous nature of young love was a nightmare come true.” Brad Miska, an American film producer (Under The Bed, A Horrible Way to Die, SiREN, Southbound) and founder of revered horror brand, Bloody Disgusting, took to the warped wonderland, agreeing to host the exclusive worldwide premiere.

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