TOWN MEETING: 4-part Video Demo for QSC TouchMix-16 Digital Mixer

October 9, 2020 by 1888media

Winners of the New England Music Award for “2017 Roots Act of the Year” and nominated for “Americana Artist of the Year” for the 2020 Boston Music Awards, Massachusetts based Town Meeting were selected by Performer Magazine to do a multi-part tutorial to showcase the QSC TouchMix-16, a compact 22-channel digital mixer that delivers intuitive professional results.

In the first episode of the 4-part series, vocalist Luke Condon unboxes the mixer, gives some initial impressions and sets up what’s coming in the next installments.

In the second episode, bassist Derek Fimbel explores some of the mixer’s more useful applications for today’s working bands.

In the third episode, Derek chats candidly as they set up for a backyard house show, explaining why the band loves the individual controls each member can monitor/adjust from their smartphones.

In the fourth and final episode of their journey, the band gives their final thoughts on the TouchMix’s amazing features for live bands before putting it into action with a spirited rendition of “The Fourth Verse” from their recently released third album, Make Things Better.

In other news, the band has begun playing a few in-person, safely-distanced shows in the NE.

Next up is a return to a fan (& band) favorite, The Rex Theatre in Manchester, NH, on Saturday, October 24. Special guest George Barber opens. Info/tix available here.

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