TATIANA DEMARIA “Anxiety – Acoustic” ALT PRESS Premiere

July 8, 2020 by 1888media

Ahead of its worldwide release on July 10, Alternative Press has exclusively premiered “Anxiety – Acoustic,” the urgent new single from British musician, songwriter, singer & producer Tatiana DeMaria.

In conjunction with the debut, with AP lauding DeMaria’s “deft playing style and stunning vocal ability,” they chatted about mental wellness and her forthcoming 4-track EP:

AP: Is the song a personal purging, an inner voice almost beating yourself up or a commentary on the state of the world?

TM: In the moment, it was certainly a personal purging. I was steeped in adrenaline and trying to get it out of my system as quickly as possible. It was written in the midst of an anxiety attack. I wanted to capture that feeling that is all so familiar to people with severe anxiety.

The inner bargaining we go through to try and get it to stop, the extremities we take our minds and bodies to. And how we can fundamentally believe the most irrational thoughts in that moment and feel like our lives are staked on them. 

Read the full interview: Alt Press

The song was previously released in 2015 by TAT, her punk rock band. The new stripped back version is just as visceral.

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