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Rising pop star Em Rossi recently chatted with American Songwriter to discuss her songwriting process and how her new hit single “Got This Feeling” came to be.

Here’s an excerpt:

“When I arrived at Jordan’s place, I told him the story, shared a few song inspirations with him, and then we were off. Jordan started making a track as I was mumbling into my voice notes. In about ten minutes, I blurted out the full melody and tag line of the chorus. I remember making fun of myself to Jordan for being another person to write a song with the word “feeling” in the title.”

“Jordan and I co-wrote ‘Got This Feeling’ backwards. I had the chorus melody and tag line, I rambled the pre melody immediately after, and then Jordan landed the verse melody. Once we had the layout, I texted my mom and asked her to ‘throw up on a page everything you remember about the night you and dad met.’ We finished the whole song together in an hour.”

Read the rest at American Songwriter

Accompanying the digital release is an official music video, directed and produced by FuseHouse Media (TJ Mizell ft. A$AP Ferg, Nombe ft. Thutmose, Logic). The song’s vibrant melodies are set against the florescent ambiance of downtown LA at night with Grand Central Market, Pershing Square, and Chinatown giving the video a cinematic flair.

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