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California native Em Rossi has returned with “Got This Feeling,” an effervescent dance pop anthem, her first release since signing with Sony Music RCA Germany.

With the new single, her first since 2018’s “In The Middle,” Rossi is starting a completely new chapter. The song, which has already earned her comparisons with Troye Sivan, Dua Lipa and Adele, is another alt-pop jewel that shows just how far following your heart can take you.

The accompanying video, directed and produced by FuseHouse Media (TJ Mizell ft. A$AP Ferg, Nombe ft. Thutmose, Logic) was shot with an 8mm camera in downtown LA with Grand Central Market, Pershing Square, and Chinatown adding to the florescent ambiance. PopMatters hosted the premiere.

Writer Michael Bialas caught up with Em for an exclusive interview. Here’s an excerpt:

Who do you currently rely on the most for inspiration and/or advice as a musician?

Aside from always being inspired by other artists’ music, I have a very small circle of music people I look to. My vocal coach Taylin Rae and I are like two peas in a pod. We could blab on for hours like complete BFFs and not get tired. I have an amazing time making music with my producer Jordan (Witzigreuter) and also get insight from his experience being an artist within the industry.

George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam make up the pop duo Boy Meets Girl. I grew up blocks from George’s house and he’s known me since I was 14. I’ve also been writing with the two of them recently. They offer a sense of peace and an ability to look farther out on a situation than I could do with only my 21 years of life on this planet.

Last but certainly not least is my mom. She’s been by my side almost every single day pursuing this music career with me for the last five years. There’s definitely many more I could mention.

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