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Wildwood-Kin-Press-shot-3-by-Sequoia-ZiffFresh from their successful UK tour to promote their self-titled sophomore album, acoustic rock trio Wildwood Kin chatted with industry insider All Access about their incredible 2019, which included playing the Royal Albert Hall, recording a BBC Radio 2 Session with Jools Holland, wowing the masses at Glastonbury and a huge feature in The Sunday Times of London.

Here’s an excerpt of the All Access interview:
AA: Can you pick out a few of your favorite songs on this album and talk about how they were written and got to be on this collection?

WK: Our collective favourites from the album are Never Alone, Headed for the Water and Wake Up Sleeper.

Never Alone really stands out to us as an important part of the record because it was written specifically for our heart for mental health and we felt that in the writing process, the song became a letter to our brother/cousin Natty who sadly took his life a few years ago. We knew we needed a song like this on the album to be honest and vulnerable and a lot of people have responded in such an amazing way. It has also opened up a lot of honest communication between us and fans and has been so eye opening to us.

WK: Headed for the Water again is a song that promotes self care, identity and worth in our beings. We wrote it when we were feeling exhausted and burnt out. We were at a place where we didn’t even know what to write about anymore, the idea of forcing a song just didn’t feel right but miraculously out of the frustration came the lyrics to a song about yearning for rest and oasis in a barren place of feeling empty and in a creative rut. Headed for the water represents a knowing that this feeling wont last and that eventually you will come to a place of refreshment when you understand that sometimes you need to let go of all the hinderances and complexities in life to find rest. When we jammed musically for this song we felt like the sound gave a slumbering desert like groove which sets the scene for the lyrics.

Most of the songs on the album represent identity, growth, self worth, standing up for what’s right and being confident in hope and faith to carry you through life when times are hard, and being awake to the endless possibilities and purpose that each one of us has been given and gifted. This was what we wanted to portray in Wake Up Sleeper especially.

We had the lyrics “wake up sleeper awake” which we felt was an encouragement to find your identity and purpose in life and not be afraid of stepping out and following the things that give you life.

Read the rest at All Access and if you’re in Europe be sure to catch them in February with Aussie folk-rockers Boy & Bear:

5th – Antwerp, Belgium, De Roma
6th – Utrecht, Holland, Tivoli Vrendenburg
7th – Nijmegen, Holland, Doornroosje
8th – Amsterdam, Holland, Paradiso Noord
11th – Paris, France, Les Étoiles
12th – Cologne, Germany, Luxor
13th – Hamburg, Germany, Knust
15th – Berlin, Germany, Lido
16th – Munich, Germany, Strom
17th – Milan, Italy, Magnolia
18th – Zurich, Switzerland, Papiersaal


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