LORENA LEIGH Drops Island Flavored Dream Pop Anthem “GIRLS LIKE ME”

July 29, 2019 by 1888media


Dream pop songstress Lorena Leigh has released “Girls Like Me,” a dreamy island flavored expedition that puts “girl power” front and center. It’s an unapologetic anthem for women to embrace their confidence and ambition.

Live Music News & Review championed its “intensity and emotional power, her voice shooting out like a bright bang, punctuating building musical moments.”

After years of story-telling through dance, film and theater, North, Texas based Leigh finds herself crafting a whole new world that defies gravity, swimming seamlessly through waves of alt-pop, Broadway, island music and Americana.

In a sea of carbon copy jellyfish, she’s a peanut butter ocean.

On September 27, she’ll set her debut album free. Entitled Water Theory, the 11-song adventure was produced by Ernesto Valenzuela (Tommy Genesis, Espé, B-52s) and features an all-star cast including drummer Sterling Campbell, who’s known for his work with David Bowie, B-52s and Duran Duran.

Catchy hooks, lyrical stories and electrified, pedal-popped ukulele melodies propel her music to the core of your soul. It’s part cowgirl, part mermaid. It’s part space, part sea. It’s two atoms of hydrogen and one oxygen. It’s 1000 rays of sun and 1 million percent fun.


Laced with hints of Nelly Furtado, MARTINA, Ellie Goulding and Enya, the songs that encompass her debut album could easily empower your favorite Disney movie with its vibrant characters, cinematic soundscapes, brave melodies  and engaging reverie.

Not all heroes wear capes nor manifest archetypes.

With imagination as its engine, the universe Leigh has created is a grand majestic temple in a magical city by the sea, a place for you, a place for me, a place for all humanity. A place called Water Theory.


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