New Music Playlists: BUZZIN’ + 2AM (The New Nü)

May 10, 2019 by 1888media


We are the skyline.

Carefully curated from a cosmic crevice in the Enchanted Forest, the light of midnight fireflies powers the best new music alive.

For the last 131 years, a heartbeat has lived in the belly of the beest. It’s not just a phenomenon, it’s a recipe to propel us to be the best we can bee. It’s BUZZIN‘…


午前2時 – The New Nü

To a m)use, Nüton’s 2nd law of emotion = apparition (x) mass.

When you’re feelin’ weightless as you evade the waitlist, the apparition coalition soundtracks the tenth dimension, depicting the crispness that exists in its midst.


Buzzin' - Spotify - Playlist

The New Nü

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