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In concert with the August 3rd release of the title track of Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches sophomore album, Get Us Out of Fearland, and an appearance at the 30th Anniversary of Hillsdale NY’s Falcon Ridge Folk Fest, New Jersey’s preeminent alt-weekly, The Aquarian, has bestowed a glowing review of the album in Mike Greenblatt’s revered column Rant’n’Roll.

“When the 2016 Very Next Thing debut of New York City’sBanjo Nickaru & Western Scooches came out, it blew me away. Here was a post-modern jukebox of a band that harnessed the frenetic energy of prohibition-era jazz (back then bandstand musicians played with guts and daring because they knew everyone could be busted at any moment; it gave an edge to the music itself) and juxtaposed it with Crescent City joyousness, post-bop flair and Broadway-styled theatricality.”

“They do all that and more on the self-released follow-up, Get Us Out of Fearland. From folkloric Americana seasoned with worldbeat and still cut with Roaring Twenties jazz and tribal New Orleans soul, this nine-song, 25-minute blast even gets down with an old cowboy song from the 1800s, “A Hundred Miles.”

Read the rest at The Aquarian or if you live in the New Jersey / Tri-state area, be sure to pick up a copy (Halestorm is on the cover and they review the final edition of Warped Tour).

And if you’re headed to Falcon Ridge Folk Fest, be sure to hit the Acoustic Live Tent on Saturday August 4 at 3:30pm to witness the magic of Banjo Nickaru firsthand.

Aquarian Weekly Cover - Banjo Nickaru Fearland Review August 1 2018

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