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Led by folk-punk, singer-songwriter Cindy Emch, the Secret Emchy Society “play foot-stompin’, heart-breakin’ Americana music about good friends and hard times. Their music is deeply personal, fearless and passionate and pairs well with both whiskey and hitting the streets. Sweet and warm, with just enough of a burn. Cindy’s voice is by turns low and sultry, bluesy and ballsy.”

On their recently released debut album The Stars Fall Shooting Into Twangsville, the Secret Emchy Society echo a variety of vintage styles, from rowdy honky tonk to vulnerable ballads, with broad swaths of zydeco, country and cabaret tossed in for good measure that will appeal to fans of June Carter Cash, Lydia Loveless, Neko Case, Shovels & Rope, Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner.

With accolades pouring in from No Depression, Now This Sound Is Brave, The Alternate Root, Yahoo! Music and Huffington Post, country music powerhouse The Boot recently recognized the Secret Emchy Society as one of the Top 10 Queer Country Artists Country Music Fans Should Know. See the whole list at The Boot.

Secret Emchy Society kicks off their fall tour on September 3rd. More dates to be announced soon.

09/03 – Martinez, CA @ Armando’s
09/05 – Seattle, WA @ House Concert
09/06 – Vancouver, BC @ WISE Hall (Accordion Noir Festival Pre-Show)***
09/09 – Vancouver Island, BC @ Farm Fest XI*
09/10 – Victoria, BC @ HOOTENANNY (Logans Pub)*
09/14 – Ucuelet, BC @ ANAF Hall*
09/15 – Tofino, BC @ Whaler’s On The Point*
09/17 – Nanaimo, BC @ Fig Tree Fest*
09/28 – Oakland, CA @ PLACE for Sustainable Living
10/03 – Oakland, CA @ Uptown Pub (Grab ‘Em By The Songs Showcase)
10/06 – Bellevue, WA @ Far-West Folk Alliance Conference (10:30PM)**
10/06 – Bellevue, WA @ Far-West Folk Alliance Conference (11:30PM)**
10/07 – Bellevue, WA @ Far-West Folk Alliance Conference (12:30AM)**
10/07 – Bellevue, WA @ Far-West Folk Alliance Conference (3:30PM)**
10/07 – Bellevue, WA @ Far-West Folk Alliance Conference (10:45PM)**
10/16 – Los Angeles, CA @ Universal Bar & Grill******
10/17 – Tuscon, AZ @ St. Charles Tavern****
10/18 – Las Cruces, NM****
10/19 – Austin, TX****
10/20 – Beaumont, TX****
10/21 – New Orleans, LA****
10/23 – Houston, TX****
10/24 – Amarillo, TX****
10/25 – Albuquerque, NM****
10/26 – Flagstaff, AZ****
10/27 – Las Vegas, NV*****
10/28 – Reno, NV****

*w/ Carolyn Mark
**w/ Tolan McNeil
***w/ The Creaking Planks
****w/ The ladies of Ghost Town Gospel
*****w/ The ladies of Ghost Town Gospel & Lawnmower Deathriders
******w/ The ladies of Ghost Town Gospel & Gentleman Callers of LA


Made Of Matches


On the first day of Christmas
My true love sent to me 🐾⚡️🔮🐶🔮⚡️🐾
Dogwarts School of Pupcraft & Boopery
We ❤️ Muggles
We ❤️ Snuggles
We Apuparate
With The Magus(trate)
Floofy Santa Claws
With Golden Paws
And Love For All
Our Worldly Call
💖 Trust your heart. Live by love. Follow your dreams with tempestuous vigor. Let the light from the stars above guide you, empower you, sink in your soul and emanate from you. Harness the energy from the galaxy. Breathe it in. Feel its heat and give birth to new seeds in the forest of destiny🔥💫 The rose she had offered was truly an Enchanted rose.
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