HAYLEY REARDON “Everything Else” Video Premiere via PERFORMER

July 31, 2017 by 1888media


To kick off her first ever UK tour in June, rising singer-songwriter Hayley Reardon was invited by Sofar Sounds to perform an intimate invite-only show at the swanky Unruly headquarters in Whitechapel in the East end of London.

During her set, she previewed the haunting new song “Everything Else.” Performer Magazine, a leader in championing new artists and the art of performance, exclusively premiered the video.

Hayley recalls, “I’ve yet to officially release a recorded version of “Everything Else” (it will be on my next project for sure) but have enjoyed playing it live so, so much since writing it. It’s one of those songs that sort of helped me discover a new side of myself songwriting-wise and I love it for that. As for the session, I’m such a fan of Sofar Sounds both as a performer and as a fan, so it was a dream to be part of a Sofar show in the city where the whole thing started!”

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