RIVERS MONROE Premiere “Safe House” Music Video via IDOBI Radio

April 10, 2017 by 1888media


Defined by their catchy pop/rock anthems and energetic live shows, Rivers Monroe, featuring keyboardist/vocalist, Mat Rivers, and lead singer Mike Monroe, has emerged as one of Philadelphia’s most popular bands, supported by an increasingly fervent fan base.

Fresh from a fall U.S. tour with SayWeCanFly, Johnnie Guilbert and Social Repose, the guys hit Nashville late last year to record some songs with Rian Dawson, of All Time Low. 

Safe House” is the first release from those sessions. Monroe explains, “It’s about that person that will always be there for you, your rock, your support. The person that would run into a fire to save you, the person you trust and can go to, to feel safe, and loved.”

idobi Radio hosted the exclusive premiere.

Made Of Matches


🔵 S Y N T H E S I S 🔴 N U C L E U S 🐶☕️🌹❤️ 𗁱
On the eve of a full Moon
Center yourself in the Common Room
Face your True North
And change your course
With a wish so solemn
Your destiny will blossom
Becoming Lumos Solem.
Gaze upon this Rose in white
Focus with all your might
Tap your heels thrice
Allow your spirit to rise
State your desire, your delight
Guide your mind's eye to the light
Incant: Accio Patronum!
Alohomora, Herbivicus! (7x)
Pull the Rose to your Heart
*Silently say "Fidelius"*
Patronus magic will impart.
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