AGAINST THE CURRENT: Baeble Music Acoustic Session

January 10, 2017 by 1888media

Melodic, electro-punk outfit Against The Current recently synched up with Baeble Music at Atlantic Recording Studio in NYC to record an intimate session of songs from their acclaimed debut album In Our Bones.

After a quick chat about the proper etiquette to navigate traffic in the Big Apple, singer Chrissy Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow, and drummer Will Ferri launched into gorgeous stripped down versions of “Runaway,” “Roses,” and “Chasing Ghosts.”

While IOB is a big, anthemic affair, thriving on house-rattling beats, tasty leads and beautiful synth work, the band reimagined things in ways they had previously never attempted. Ferri had never really played the keys before…no big deal.

While such a dramatic approach might have intimidated less adventurous artists, Against The Current enjoyed it.

“We’re creative people,” Costanza explained. “In the space between albums you have to find other ways to keep releasing creative energy into the same songs.”

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