Top 10 Worst Stereotypes About Female Fronted Bands (by THE NEARLY DEADS)

October 21, 2016 by 1888media

the-nearly-deads-apocalypse-photo-by-casey-mooreAs the first of a series of exclusives for Pure Grain Audio, singer-songwriter Theresa Jeane, of rock band The Nearly Deads, recently unleashed a hilarious diatribe entitled, “Top 10 Worst Stereotypes About Female-Fronted Bands” with the resulting reaction creating a surge of dialogue and passionate support.

Stereotypes include, “Female-Fronted is a genre,” “The word ‘Chick,'” “Women are all BITCHES,” “Women are all sleeping with EVERYONE,” “Tour with women is high-maintenance,” “Women can only write break-up songs,” “Women are all liberal, man-hating feminists,” “Women can’t be in that band,” “Female-Fronted bands have it harder,” and the big ol’ elephant in the room, “PARAMORE,” which lands at #8:

8. “PARAMORE. Not only is it kind of completely rude to compare bands to each other in general…it’s even WORSE when you have a girl in your band. ‘Hey you guys sound like Paramore!’. Yep, years of hard work, education, training, practice, and life experiences that shape the music we make, just happen to sound exactly like this other band, who happens to be female-fronted! Even Hayley Williams had to shoot down haters from comparing her to Avril Lavigne in the beginning. (side note I am a HUGE Avril Lavigne fan).


“People just CAN’T let female-fronted bands be. It is a shallow comparison, and I, for one, wish people paid more attention to the actual music. I know, I know…most people think it’s a compliment. But trust me, it gets OLD. We’re all just one big band, Paramore, us, and every other band with a girl. We all make the same music. Never mind the literal THOUSANDS of male-fronted bands making the exact same music over and over again! *insert Kermit sipping tea meme*”

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