KENNY DAVIN FINE: Trippin’ on the Shoestrings of the Devil

September 24, 2016 by 1888media


Singer-songwriter Kenny Davin Fine has released a lyric music video for “Trippin’ on the Shoestrings of the Devil,” the second single from his tenth album, Brand New Road, which was produced by Grammy Award winner Michael Lloyd.

Set against breathtaking footage filmed in Malibu, California, Shoestrings hits hard with a real sense of honesty, driven by a country melody and a hint of a southern rock vibe.

Brand New Road stays mostly on the up-tempo side and the tickling of the keys smashes together with his rock-a-billy feel to give us a modern kissed, honky-tonk branded style…he skillfully offers several different styles together to give this album a “something for everyone” type of feel.” One Stop Country



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