Sun City Paradise Travel Profile: MAUREEN TOTH’s Italy

July 2, 2016 by 1888media


Singer-Songwriter-Storyteller Maureen Toth went on a 3-week journey through Italy and recounts some of the magic of Florence, Tuscany and Rome in an engaging interview with travel outpost Sun City Paradise:

“Each place was so unique and fascinating that I loved them all for different reasons. The thing that was epic about Rome was the way the architecture just kind of felt like it was blowing up out of the ground and appearing in front of you in the most intense way! Just stunning, stunning architecture juxtaposed with a normal city in a way, it’s a beautiful-ancient city. But, you have normal-city life and suddenly there’s the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon or the Colosseum. The scope and size of the monuments in Rome are absolutely mind-blowing.”


“Florence was a romantic, beautiful city with these magical churches. Much more consistent architecture there. It was just very beautiful and peaceful to look at in a way, compared to Rome which was shockingly stunning.”

Visit Sun City Paradise to wander Florence at twilight and roam thru Rome a little more.


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