ELOHIM: Largesse of a Lioness

June 26, 2016 by 1888media


Compared to the likes of Portishead and Purity Ring, LA-based Elohim has stormed the scene in the past year with the transfixing expositions “She Talks To Much,” “Xanax” and “Sensations,” all of which anchor her self-assured self-titled debut EP.

With flourishes of engrossing ethereal synth pop that echo Chvches, Lights, Halsey and Grimes, “Elohim” gestates a haven of mellifluous medication that articulates intrinsic elation.

A classically-trained pianist, Elohim pushes the boundaries of musicianship and sonic stewardship, but also transports denizens into an elaborate vortex of existential virtual reality best described as as Elohim in Wonderland.

A testament to this wondrous rainbow of audio, art and visual interactivity, she recently unveiled a mesmerizing kinetic video for “Pigments,” which requires the user to double tap their mobile device to keep the “heartbeat” of the video alive in their web browser. Once tapping stops, the p i g m e n t s fade away.

“Heart rate monitor” tilts neXt level. Measure your pulse at ICantMakeYouLoveU

While the focus rests on her music, art and uncompromising vision, invariably her enigmatic ways, propelled by masks, sunken snapbacks, sunnies, shadows and filters, inflame the fire of curious desire higher and higher.

Daft punk quotient = 100%

In concert, she maintains her enigmatic air behind hair, a modular lair and an audiovisual au pair with exquisitely vivid pigmental flair. 
Like a maestro conducting a multi-media symphony, Elohim expertly constructs an immersive experience that envelopes one’s mind, body and spirit. We become one under her sun, bathed in bliss by the largesse of a Lioness.
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