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Poughkeepsie pop rock juggernaut Against The Current are joining Warped Tour this summer to promote their delicious debut album In Our Bones (releasing May 20).

Commanding the Cyclops stage from June 24 to August 13, singer Chrissy Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri will have fans singing, clapping, dancing, and head-banging.

It’s also quite possible that the ATC cognoscenti will be reverberating while debating the merits of an MMA cage match pitting the mythical primordial giant versus the Marvel superhero. Greek Cyclops vs. Geek Cyclops. My money is on the one-eyed master of disaster immortalized in alabaster.


As if this wasn’t excitement enough, the band, in conjunction with The Entertainment Institute, are scheduled to host a workshop in each city whereby they wax poetic about an existential abstraction. Succinctly emblazoned “A DIY Conversation,” it’s sure to be a free-flowing forum of dignified decorum.

But what does DIY mean?

What, exactly, will the trichotomous hippocampus be discussing?

Delineate Innovative YouTubing?
Discourse (by) Inspirational Yokefellows?
Determining Interconnected Yearnings?
Diary Infused Yogurt?
(my bad, I thought it read Dairy…it’s my Dyslexic Interpolation sYndrome)

The effusively elliptical scribe Baron Reventón ponders this acronym symposium and poses 50 Waze to Run with the Wild Things (with Blood like Gasoline).

Fueled by a high-octane membrane, it’s a Dalliance In temeritY. Kind of like triple-distilled chocolate chips on the half shell. Fare thee well.




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