PUNK ROCK KITTY CAT: Gettin’ Faded, Catnip Wasted

April 24, 2016 by 1888media


Nothing quite like a fierce feline fueled by a firestorm of bombastic badassery and a solemn servitude to amorphous Anarchy.

Carmella Reventón was one such heathen. A punk rock kitty cat, she loved lappin’ whiskey and gettin’ faded. Her penchant for naps never abated.

The OG PRKC, Carm never did no harm but her IDGAF cattitude spawned the anthem of a generation.

Distilled with some fine Tennessee bourbon, a little Kentucky green grass and a punk as fuck soundtrack by alt-rock act The Nearly Deads, Punk Rock Kitty Cat is the greatest thing since farm-raised salmon got crusted with catnip flavored almond.

Even Grumpy Cat agrees.


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