Behind The Façade: An Exclusive Interview with Danielle Minch

April 7, 2016 by 1888media


Tagged by Alternative Press Magazine as 1 of 100 bands you need to know, Behind The Façade is a four-piece, female-fronted, alternative/pop-punk/rock band from the inner boroughs of gritty New York City.

Cresting indie momentum built by playing tons of raucous local shows and issuing two well-received EPs, 2012’s We Are The Fighters and 2013’s Strangers, Behind The Façade just released their crowd-funded debut album Bitter and Better, a culmination of nearly two years of work and a lightning rod to supercharge the stalemate of today’s one-dimensional rock.
Keeping it street as they continue to take back Queens by any means, the BTF boys (Louie, Nick, Matt) and their Queen Bee, Ms Danielle “Money” Minch are buzzing about, ready to pollinate the colloquial colonies with a bitter better honey. One that’s bold on flavor that never waivers, a high-grade viscous liquid that’s ridiculously delicious.

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, Video Director, Paraoke Guru, U.S. Open Ball Person (10 years running) and much, much more, Danielle has got it goin’ on.

Get to know her further in this exclusive interview at Matrix 2 A Muse.

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