“Losing My Dad” A Journey by Singer-Songwriter EM ROSSI

March 16, 2016 by 1888media


Riding high from the incredible feeling of having her debut music video quickly race past 1 million views in its first month, it’s mixed with bittersweet emotions as the lyrics to Em Rossi’s signature song “Earthquake” actually echo an unimaginable loss.

“This is the sound that your heart makes
Like crashing in to stone
Takes you down
Like an earthquake
And everything you’ve known
Is shaken

And shattered
Bruised and battered
You’re broken wide open”

Raised in a Bay Area home filled with love, laughter, art, music and travel, Em enjoyed the support of her tight-knit family of four. She shared a special passion for music with her dad. Em’s dad, a talented amateur musician who also painted, drew and wrote in addition to being an innovative architect, was her spark plug. He encouraged his talented, but shy daughter as she began to navigate a professional career.

Em began recording in the studio at age 14. One year later, as she was finishing her first set of songs, her father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

Her tight family unit shattered in an instant. After many dark and difficult months, Em’s mom stepped up and encouraged, supported and began guiding her. With her dad’s muse living inside her and her mom by her side, Em found the strength to begin again.


She now fills her empty spaces with heartfelt lyrics and newfound emotion… with a voice that is stronger and more forceful than ever before.

Asked by Infectious Magazine to share her powerful (and empowering) story, Em penned a journal entitled, “Losing My Dad”:

“It completely altered the foundation of my life and my family. Our worlds were turned upside down. I needed to step back and take much needed time off to pick up the pieces. It gave me a chance to reflect and pour myself into writing. It was a cathartic time to get out all of my emotions, fears, and thoughts.”

Read the full diary at Infectious Magazine


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