The Costello De Vil Anthology: Vol. Zer0

November 27, 2015 by 1888media


Singer, Songwriter, Creator, Trendsetter, Jetsetter, Villain, Legend, Guardian and Generational Icon, Ms Ash Costello is the embodiment of these things and much much more.

Her visionary foresight and inspirational leadership has transformed her and her Army of Darkness into a gale force hurricane erecting a New World Order.

It’s manifest destiny of Malevolent mimicry.

The written word pales in her eXistence but an eleven chapter trick-or-treatise dabbles in the depth her transcendence. It’s a prophetic diatribe eXorcised from an enigmatic scribe who was Born to Die on The Other side…

The Costello De Vil Anthology: Vol. Zer0

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