American Horror Story: Creep Show, The Tale of Jacqueline Villain

November 4, 2015 by 1888media

Behold the tale of Jacqueline Villain, an evil enchantress born to Die and Arise in other lives a thousand times.
Her mortal coil spawned in Blood Bath, England during the Zer0 hour of New Year’s Day, 1860, and her mysterious transformation from victim To villain became a lethal resurrection.
Was Jack The Ripper actually Jackie The Ripper?
What personality traits are born from chromosomes comprised of DNA threads that are half scarlet and half black?
Was it Walter Sickert, and not Edvard Munch, that painted the pastel mural, Scream?
Do all Haunted Houses have a Red Room (REⱭЯUM)?
Is there a growing Army of Darkness amongst us?
Is New Years Day the beginning of the END of the Beginning?
Should we all Be Afraid? Very Afraid?
Discover the supplanted truth in the 5000-word trick or treatise


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