Warped Tour 2015: West Side, East Side; Old School Turf War

September 12, 2015 by 1888media

WarpedTourCollageAshLynnAnsleyAliciaMarielWarped Tour has come and gone but it lives on in the dueling battle of East side vs. West side.

Which sidaz do you represent?
Which squad is yours?
Left Foot or Right Foot?
Unicorn or Shark?
Which side stage line-up dwarfed the other?
Pvris, California or Pvris, Ohio?

Actually none of this matters as a West Side Story Begets A Very Grave East Side Serenade. Relive one soul’s verbal-visual juxtapositions of the Ventura and Cleveland stops of the venerable circus maximus that is Warped Tour.


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